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    Comprehensive Towing Services

    The team at Manassas Towing works tirelessly to make sure the entirety of Northern Virginia is covered for emergency towing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are based in Manassas but our tow trucks are located in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Loudon County and Fauquier County. Rest assured we have a tow truck near you. The towing services we offer include:

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    Heavy-Duty Towing

    Heavy-duty towing requires two specific things: a truck that can handle the load and a driver who is skilled enough to get that truck where it needs to go. Here at Manassas Towing, we only employ the most talented technicians, and with our fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks that are scattered both here at our home base in Manassas, VA and around Northern Virginia, you can rest assured you will be in good hands.

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    Medium-Duty Towing

    Our medium-duty towing service is designed for those who contract or operate large pickups or work vans. If you are dealing with an issue in a part of the state that you do not know, we’ll make it easy. We can either tow you to a trusted mechanic that we know and work with or if you prefer, we can get you back home to a mechanic or yard that you know and trust. For medium-duty towing services you can count on, call Manassas Towing today.

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    Light-Duty Towing

    Our regular clients in Northern Virginia know and love our light-duty towing service. Designed for consumer cars and trucks, this service will ensure that you are not paying an arm and a leg for a tow. Our team can be on site in mere minutes. With our staggered placement of trucks up and down the various highways in Northern Virginia, a Manassas Towing tow truck is not far away. Call our team today to see why so many in Manassas and beyond trust Manassas Towing.

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    Lockout Services

    Whether it was the dog’s fault or your own, the team at Manassas Towing has perfected the art of lockout service for drivers in Northern Virginia. Our expert technicians will leave no marks or scuff. We will get you back into your car in a matter of minutes. We are just a phone call away, and no matter where you are in Northern Virginia, a Manassas Towing tow truck is only a few miles away from helping! Call today.

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    Private Property Towing & Parking Management

    We now provide Private Property Towing & Parking Management services. We provide full service parking solutions for private companies. We will customize a contract to fit your companies needs for parking management and all of your towing needs.

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    Accident Towing & Accident Recovery

    Although we hope you never have to call us for this service, the team at Manassas Towing has become Northern Virginia’s go-to towing company for accident towing and accident recovery. We will clean up the accident, take care of your car and get it where it needs to go while you focus on recovery. Whether you are dealing with a fender bender or a vehicle in the woods, our team will recover and tow your vehicle with ease. Call today to learn more.

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    Roadside Assistance

    In addition to our full range of towing services, Manassas Towing also provides roadside assistance services to drivers throughout Northern Virginia. Whether it’s a blown tire, a vehicle lockout or anything in between, a Manassas Towing tow truck can be on site in mere minutes to get you back up and on your way.

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    Tire Change Services

    Are you dealing with a blown tire or a puncture to one of your wheels? Skip the jack and allow a seasoned professional to help you with your tire change! We’ve been doing this for a few years. Whether we’re dealing with a larger pickup or a sedan, the team at Manassas Towing is here for you. Call our team today to find out how our drivers can help you avoid the pains and dangers of replacing a tire on the side of the road.

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    Jump Start Services

    A dead battery is never an ideal situation, but when you are looking for a jump in Manassas, VA, the only place you need to call is to Manassas Towing. We have been providing the surrounding area of Manassas Park with jump start services for years, and today, Manassas Towing covers the entirety of Northern Virginia. Call our team today to get back up and on with your life in a timely manner.

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    Gas Delivery Services

    Sometimes you gamble with your vehicle’s gas tank. Everybody does it. Sometimes, you lose. If you’re stuck in Northern Virginia without gas, Manassas Towing is here to help. We have been providing our clients with excellent gas delivery services for years. We can either fill the tank or give you enough gas to get to the next service station. So, the next time you are starting to run a little empty, make sure to call the team at Manassas Towing.

Committed To Customer Service

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Our highly trained technicians are also good, kind people who want to instill the comfort and peace of mind you deserve when things go wrong on the road. At Manassas Towing, we believe in putting customer service above all else. For an auto service provider that will treat you right from the moment we meet until the moment we part ways, call Manassas Towing today!



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