Equipped For Whatever You Need

You have a choice as to the tow company you want to use. If left to the police they can call their go to tow company. But the officer is concerned with removeing the debris from the road, not the cost to you. You have the right to call whichever tow company you want to remove your vehicle. We also encourage you to talk with the tow truck driver when possible. So they know where you want your vehicle to be towed to. What your costs will be. We realize sometimes that is not possible, so we want you to know that Manassas Towing will be taking good car of your property while you are busy making sure you and your family or safe and ok.


Don't worry about the miles of insurance paperwork.
You can have the peace of mind that your insurance will be billed properly. It is sometimes hard to get through the paperwork and this is why we will bill your insurance company for you!